Braverman Power Rankings: The Offer

After a few slow weeks on Parenthood, tonight’s episode ramped up the feels. The tears on screen from Max and Victor were certain to cause tears off screen, and if we could have just swapped out Sarah for Crosby this would have been a near perfect episode.

Braverman Power Rankings: Limbo

It was another slow week on Parenthood, although there were a few redeeming moments. Amber and Drew make the best team, and when all the Bravermans get together around one table there’s bound to be some excitement. You’ll never guess who made their way to the top of the power rankings this week.

Braverman Power Rankings: The Enchanting Mr. Knight

This was kind of a slow week , though we did get plenty of Amber, which is always a good thing.
Editors Note: All those related to the Bravermans by marriage, blood, or adoption are eligible whether or not they carry the surname. Sadly this means Hank will not be ranked, which might actually be a good thing since he would be Number 1 every week.