Hannibal 2.02: Sakizuki

Tonight was one of the slower episodes of Hannibal action-wise. The most gruesome part was the opening sequence, and the majority of time was spent examining the various relationships between all our main characters. It may be one of the strongest episodes of the season.


Hannibal Season 2 Trailer is Here!

The first season of Hannibal was surprisingly excellent. It was disturbing, gross, and rarely watched by me at nighttime. Today NBC released a trailer for Season 2, in which we find Will Graham behind bars. Let’s deconstruct it together.

(0:25) “Will Graham you’re under arrest for murder.” – OH YEAH LAST SEASON ENDED WITH WILL BEHIND BARS WTF
(0:31) Hannibal is going to be Will’s biggest advocate? And insist that he be investigated too? That’s so Hannibal…
(0:40) Antlers!
(0:49) Dr. Bloom, you have no idea how wrong you were. Will’s got this.
(1:00) Is anybody else seeing hannibal smell this corpse? Seriously look how much he’s enjoying it! Jack Crawford, please watch this!
(1:02) Very Emo remix of “Stand By Me”
(1:07) ANTLERS!
(1:21) That is a straight up CIRLCE OF CORPSES. This is why I watch this show during the day.
(1:29) Ok so at some point Hannibal will attack Jack Crawford. How far into the season is this?
(1:39) “I’m going to remember, and when I do, there will be a reckoning.” – *Chills*
Overall a pretty great preview. The main question I have is how long does Will Graham remain behind bars – Will it take the whole season to free him and implicate Hannibal? I hope not. The procedural aspect of the show is always entertaining, but the most compelling part of Hannibal has been and will always be the relationship between Will and Dr. Lecter.