Community Annie and Abed

Community 5.09: VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing

Community thrives on defying sitcom conventions, but tonight’s episode was about as straightforward and sitcom-y as any I can remember. The group is split up pre-credits, as has been the case lately. Jeff, Hickey, and Shirley will clean out an old storage room, and Annie and Abed will have a “double date” night at their apartment with Annie’s awesomely weird brother and Abed’s girlfriend. (more…)

Community 5.06: Analysis of Cork Based Networking

I’ll be honest. I was very worried about Donald Glover’s departure from Community. Troy has been one of the most consistently funny characters, and losing him from the weekly roster has the potential to derail what has been one of the best seasons of the show thus far. By the end of “Analysis of Cork Based Networking”, I found myself forgetting his absence entirely – It was that good.


Community 5.05: Geothermal Escapism

I’ve struggled to come up with an adequate way to recap Donald Glover’s last episode of Community. Here are my quick thoughts and favorite moments, because I am too heartbroken to write a full recap.


Community 5.04: Cooperative Polygraphy

Although Community is billed as a comedy, it sometimes hits very dramatic and dark notes, as was the case in this most recent episode. After returning from Pierce’s funeral, which was run by the bizarre cult that Pierce was a member of, the study group is approached by his attorney, Mr. Stone. No matter how natural his death may have seemed, Pierce requires that everyone in the group be put to a polygraph test to determine whether or not they had any part in killing him.

The questions turn out to all be leading questions which bring to light some of the groups darkest secrets. This leads to the study group revealing each other’s secrets, and ultimately, outing themselves. In the end, Pierce leaves each member of the group with a compliment, something meaningful, and sperm. Here is the full list of everything we learned about the group tonight as well as what they inherited from their departed friend.

– Britta has had thoughts of violence towards Pierce, but she figures everyone has thought of slapping him at least once
– Britta was high on marijuana at Shirley’s son’s baptism (higher than usual)
– Britta invited Garret to Annie’s birthday party
– Britta only gives money to homeless people when she’s walking with Someone
– Pierce leaves Britta his iPod Nano, as well as his frozen sperm in case she ever gives up the lesbian thing and decides she wants an army of super babies

– Shirley is a Platinum level donor with the Pro-Life Organization (not a real website I checked)
– To save money, Shirley put “Meat-fu” in Britta’s Tofu sandwiches
– Shirley thinks the rest of the study group is all going to hell
– When Troy and Shirley are alone Shirley refers to everyone else as “those people”
– Shirley can be passive aggressive sometimes (no one is surprised)
– Pircece leaves Shirley his spacious timeshare in Florida for what’s his name and however many kids she has now – also sperm.

– Annie overcharges Troy and Abed for their share of the rent by $10
– Annie also dosed the members of the study group with a pharmaceutical amphetamine one night to get them to study
– Annie calls Jeff her Uncle (I think when she’s with other females – for the life of me I couldn’t understand what Shirley said)
– Annie is the one who hit Jeff’s Lexus in the parking lot, not a taco truck and it was weird that she went a little racist with her blame
– Pierce leaves Annie a tiara that he used to wear when his mom was upset with him for not being a girl – and of course, sperm

– Jeff is sure that he’s not gay
– Jeff keeps trophies of his sexual conquests (including Britta’s panties) According to Jeff, “They have to be won in battle”
– Jeff made Abed apply for handicapped parking so he could get a better spot
– Jeff would rather look at himself naked than the women he sleeps with
– Pierce left Jeff a nice bottle of scotch, but only so he is not tempted to drink the sperm which Pierce left for him.

– Abed and Troy still use Jeff’s Netflix account without his permission, and continue to rate “The Grey” lower than Jeff
– Abed planted Geo-tracking devices on everyone in the group so he would know where they are at all times (they’ll never find them)
– Abed is catfishing Annie, posing as Olympic pole-vaulting hopeful Brent Underjaw – He does this for pancakes
– When anybody chews gum, Abed wants to punch them, they may as well have machine guns in their mouths – It vibrates his skull
– Pierce never understood Abed, and leaves him only sperm

– Troy got angry when he heard Fat Albert died of diabetes
– Troy and Abed have an elaborate escape plan to be used in the event of Zombie attacks – it does not include the rest of the group
– Troy and Abed’s handshake came from a video blog called “Fun 4 Friends”
– Troy won’t sit on a toilet seat after Jeff
– Troy’s never been to Legoland
– Pierce leaves Troy the mandatory sperm, but he also leaves him his remaining shares in the Hawthorne Wipes company, valued at 14.3 million dollars, on one condition – Troy must first sail Pierce’s boat, the Childish Tycoon, by himself, around the entire world.

This last bit of information was the biggest blow of the night, and I am not sure how Community will really function without Donald Glover. Honestly I would much rather watch a show about Troy learning and then attempting to sail around the world. Can somebody please make this spinoff happen? Thanks.

Also, Pierce died from dehydration, from all of the sperm he has donated.

Community 5.03: Basic Intergluteral Numismatics


And with those simple words the entire Greendale community is sent into a flurry. We see from the creepy opening credits the the ACB, who struck fear into the hearts of Greendale students one year ago has resurfaced. Slipping quarters in unsuspecting students cracks as they are bent over.

No time for a real recap this week so I will just leave you with some quick thoughts on last night’s bottle episode episode:

The episode did a great job both poking fun at the current slate of TV murder mystery dramas while actually coming across as a seriously compelling mystery in and of itself. They even went heavy on the dramatic blue filter.

Two notable reappearances in this episode: Professor Duncan (played by the ascending John Oliver) and Starburns.

I loved all the Dave Matthews Band references and in-jokes (real fans call him Dave!)

The “Will they or won’t they?” nature of Annie and Jeff’s relationship is starting to tire me out a little bit. Either move forward, or don’t have it be a thing. It seems weird to casually mention in an episode and not have it develop into a legitimate interesting relationship.

The real bummer of the episode was the realization that Pierce is dead. I guess that was the most logical way to write Chevy Chase off the show. I kind of figured that once we saw his hologram we were to just assume that he had moved on to different things. How strange to have him show up for a hologram, and then to die tragically offscreen.

The closing montage, with the Ass Crack Bandit theme song, (and the reveal of the ACB- Britta) was extremely well done. What did you all think? Let me know in the comments!

Community 5.02: Introduction to Teaching

After watching these first two episodes I was reminded of something: Community is hilarious. I can’t remember laughing as much at any point last season as I did during this second episode. Everyone is on point, and the addition of Jonathan Banks is handled extremely well.

As expected, Jeff is immediately having a hard time adjusting to his new role as a teacher. Checking out female students and verbally abusing Leonard just doesn’t fly now that he’s in a position of power. Luckily he has his office mate Buzz Hickey, Criminology to show him the ropes. I can’t think of a more fitting subject for Mike Ehrmantraut to be teaching.

Jeff confesses to the group how lost he feels, and Abed signs up for a 2 day course called, “Nicholas Cage – Good or Bad?” – He’s always wanted to know.

Teaching! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Dramatic Professor Sean Garrity let’s Abed know that although he was able to definitely prove who the boss was (It’s Angela) there will be no such answer to the Nicholas Cage Conundrum.

Mr. Hickey shows Jeff the perks of being a teacher.  He get’s Leonard’s meatballs, has access to the Dean-free teacher lounge, and there is no need to plan a curriculum. Also, if you want to frustrate a student, give them an A-. Annie soon realizes Jeff’s plan to coast through teaching, and signs up for his class to keep him in check. It’s good to have you back Annie.

Abed goes full on Carrie Mathison trying to figure out if Nicholas Cage is good or bad, and Annie offers up the most logical explanation – Maybe Nicholas Cage is just… Crazy? This leads to Abed freaking out and invoking some of Cage’s best mannerisms.

Jeff wins an argument with Annie, and in doing so impresses the class, realizing he does want to teach. He finds Annie crying about an A- she received from Mr. Hickey. When Jeff confronts Hickey about giving a subpar grade to the best student in his class, he finds him working on a comic called Jim the Duck and wait now I really want to read more of this comic.

Every strip ends with Jim thinking, “What the Hell.”

Jeff reveals to Annie that minuses are made up, really an indication that a teacher doesn’t like a student, inciting a classic Greendale riot. You really don’t realize how much you miss a place until you see a spontaneous riot break out. I’m glad to have you back Greendalians. Even Magnitude is getting in on the action!

Post window-smashing Pop Pops are the BEST Pop Pops.

Shirley helps Abed realizes that, much like Jesus, or a Cenobite, Nicholas Cage can be both good and bad, a genius to some and a demon to others.

Meanwhile at Greendale, as chaos is erupting, and the students demand “Slightly Higher Grades!” Jeff stands up on a cafeteria table and gives a classic Winger speech about why everyone should get along. Only this time, he is received with a chorus of boos and handfuls of pasta. Although it is unrealistic to think that Greendale can eliminate riots completely, Dean Pelton believes they can be reduced by 40% through the creation of a student-teacher alliance with Jeff in charge. Thankfully for us viewers, Mr. Hickey joins the alliance. The episode ends with a touching inner-monologue from the Dean which is sung in French for some reason.

I am thrilled with how strong these first two episodes of Community have been. The ability to squeeze so many jokes into 22 minutes reminds me of the glory days of 30 Rock and Happy Endings. If these episodes are any indication of what the rest of the season will be like, than Community has a real shot of being the funniest TV show of 2014…. Too soon?

Community 5.01: Repilot

The much heralded return of Dan Harmon to Community is finally here! And what has Jeff Winger been up to since he graduated from Greendale? THIS.

Apparently his private practice hasn’t been going well, as all of his belongings are being repossessed – even his alcohol. Luckily Jeff’s old partner Alan (played by the always hilarious Rob Corddry) shows up with a job for Jeff and guess what- It involves him going back to Greendale.

“Weird choice by the way. Bachelor’s Degree on the wall.”

With no options left, Jeff agrees to go back to get the records of an alumnus who is looking to sue Greendale for being inadequately educated.

The old study room has been turned into the records room – closed for sentimental (and asbestos) reasons. Jeff’s simple lie to the Dean as to what he is doing at Greendale leads to the return of the entire study group (minus Chevy Chase) for the “Save Greendale Committee”
Abed starts in with some of his typical meta commentary about how they are on a TV show, and even refers to the “repiloting” of Scrubs in season 9, pointing out that Zach Braff was only in 6 episodes (We’ll miss you Donald Glover.)
Son of a bitch! After everything ‘Scrubs’ did for him!

The Dean has already shredded the records Jeff is looking for, but he has a new plan to use his old friends to sue their Alma Mater. Now it’s catch up time, where we find out what the group has been up to since graduating.

Annie- Currently she administers things to hospitals, like pens. (Pharmaceutical Sales Rep)
Britta – On sabbatical (not the Jewish kind) from therapy – She’s a bartender.
Troy and Abed – Abed is building a social media app, which Troy will sue him for when it makes millions. He had one film job, directing Jeff’s commercial, which in case you missed it can be found here. 
Shirley – Andre left her again, with the boys, the dogs, and the DVR (with 67 episodes of Bones.) This time it was her fault for losing their money on “Shirley’s Sandwiches.”
Jeff hints that his friends all have potential lawsuits against Greendale for the ways in which it has failed them. His plan does not turn out quite as he hopes, as the study group decides to re-enroll at Greendale, rather than litigate.
Chang is back, and his return is explained as quickly as possible. To be honest I never much liked Ken Jeong’s character on the show, so excuse me while I mention as little Chang as possible (It’s my Changnesia.)
Alan reveals Jeff’s evil plan to the study group, and Jeff continues to try and convince them that Greendale has failed them. His monologue fascinatingly addresses some of the show’s most ardent criticisms. “How did Britta become the airhead?” “What happened to Annie?” “Can we blame everything on the ‘Gas Leak’ last year?”
The group signs Jeff’s lawsuit claim (which is a thing he had ready for them to sign?) and they essentially leave the fate of Greendale in his hands. On his way out he is visited by the ghost hologram of Pierce, convincing him that Greendale is in fact a special place.
Did I sound gay at the end? Want to do another take?

After confronting the Dean about how bad the community college really is, Jeff begrudgingly fulfills Abed’s prophecy by accepting a job as a teacher at Greendale. The group all decides to pursue their real dreams, and to collectively try to talk Britta out of pursuing her dream of becoming a psychologist. After a ‘Scrubs’ voice over from Zach Braff, the repilot is over.
I thought this was a great way to kick off the fifth season. It was funny, direct, meta as always, and set up everything we needed to get the study group back to Greendale while seeming relatively plausible, which is no small feat for Community.