Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.21: Unsolvable

“Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist? I was Hula Hooping. Kevin and I attend a class for fitness and for fun. I’ve mastered all the moves: the pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle…” (more…)

Jake and Charles

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.20: Fancy Brugdom

The Office wasn’t really about selling paper, Parks and Rec is not really about working in the Parks Department (Although Leslie Knope might beg to differ) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has proven that, like it’s Mike Schur predecessors, it is really a show about relationships. (more…)

Who Won Fox’s Tuesday Night Comedy Block?

Fox’s Tuesday Night comedy block is 75% awesome. We will rank each show accordingly week by week.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Ebony Falcon

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was actually an improvement over last week, but still not great. The setup for the case of the week is an undercover sting operation to bust a steroid ring centered at a gym called Brooklyn Total Body. The target is Brandon Jacoby, who Peralta and Boyle believe can lead them to the supplier of the drugs. The plan is to bring Terry, “The Ebony Falcon” in to act as a trainer, since he is ripped and looks like a body-builder anyways. To me Terry Crews will always be The Old Spice Guy. Or the guy from White Chicks who did this. 

Meanwhile, Gina’s apartment has been broken into, and Rosa and Santiago are brought in to work the case. While this plot line kind of sucked overall,  the list of stolen items is worth mentioning:

  • $160 in cash
  • one tv
  • one large painting of a naked lady on a lion
  • one set of Joseph Gordon-Levitt nesting dolls (homemade and irreplaceable)
  • one music box that plays, “She Works Hard for the Money” when opened
  • and one knockoff designer clutch

In the end the case is not solved, but the girls install locks on Gina’s windows and door, and bond over being girls and being afraid. Ugh.

Before going undercover Jake sees Terry’s daughters and fears for his safety. He then goes on to blow the undercover sting operation, and set up another sting operation without the Sergeant’s knowledge. Whether it was allowing the Pontiac Bandit to get away, or messing this case up twice, it seems like Peralta is really terrible at his job. I preferred the version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine where we were on Peralta’s side because even though he was annoying, he was a good cop. Now that he’s annoying and bad at his job, he comes off as completely unlikeable.

2. New Girl – Birthday

New Girl was great this week. In fact, I was ready to put it in the #1 spot until The Mindy Project came in with a “Winter Finale” that forced itself to the top, but we’ll get to that.

The episode opens on the eve of Jess’s birthday, with Cece and Angela from The Office (who I guess is one of Jess’s friends now even though she was a horribly mean coworker?) toasting the birthday girl. It is explained how Jess always spends her birthday alone at the movies, so as not to be inevitably disappointed. This year she is trusting Nick to provide her with a birthday celebration. Unfortunately Nick has only planned the surprise party at night, and nothing leading up to it. He figures he’ll be ok, since they’ll probably sleep in until noon. Then the alarm goes off at 7:00am.

This is the hour of my birth

With no plans, Nick inevitably lets Jess down. Not before she steals a birthday from a young girl in Griffith Park though. She ends up crying and running away to the movie theatre.

Meanwhile, due to a slight mixup with the cake Winston and Coach have an adorable bake off back at the house. These two competing, realizing they care about each other, and then bro’ing out was fun to watch. Not as fun to watch was Cece screwing up her new bartender job but being helped out by Schmidt. Are we to just completely forgetting about Schmidt crashing Cece’s wedding and then cheating on her because he taught her how to make a Manhattan? I guess if Cece can get over it, so should we.

Although the logistics of the movie theatre plan are entirely confusing to me (Was the plan always to go to the movie theatre? No because of the decorations right? Then how did Nick have time to tape letters under every seat? And how did everyone beat Jess there? And how did they get the projectionist to play Nick’s tape? If the plan was always to go to the movies, still, how did everyone beat Jess there?) the outcome was so heartfelt I couldn’t help but smile. The video was beautiful, and Jess’s proclamation that it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her felt genuine. Prior to this season there was some worry about if Nick and Jess had been paired off to early, but thus far the show has kept them interesting and avoided the rut that other romantic sitcom pairings has led to.

1. The Mindy Project – The Desert

This was The Mindy Project‘s “Winter Finale” which I did not even know was a thing. But knowing that going in, there was bound to be some fireworks.

Mindy and Danny are still in LA, and Mindy is heartbroken about her recent breakup with Cliff. Honestly, I am a little surprised that she is so heartbroken. I feel like they’ve only been together for a total of 2-3 episodes, and the timeline makes it seem like she could get over this one relatively quickly. At any rate, her plan is to get back to New York as soon as possible to convince Cliff that they belong together.

At the end of the last episode we were left with Danny calling his father. His plan is to go confront his dad and punch him in the face. Not wanting to face him alone he kidnaps Mindy for the trip. When he arrives, he is shocked to find out that he has a sister, Danni Castellano (you would think his brother would have told him about her) and rather than knock his dad out, he wanders out into the desert and gets drunk, like any rational human would do.

Danny calls Mindy, because she is the one he knows he can trust, and she goes and saves him. They fight in the desert before stumbling upon the military base where Danny’s dad cuts hair. In the end, Danny reconnects with his family, and is thankful to Mindy for helping him do so.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Dr. P have been comforting a distraught Cliff, who is heartbroken over losing Mindy. Again, it seems like they dated for a couple months and he dumped her, so I am not sure why he is so upset, but let’s go with it.

And then, there was the plane ride. Danny helps Mindy craft an email to win Cliff back. Adorably,  it is apparent that the feelings Danny is telling Mindy to express are really his own feelings for his colleague. Some slight turbulence helps him to realize his true feelings, and he goes to the back of the plane and kisses Mindy in an extremely passionate manor. As this is the “Winter Finale” we will have to wait until April 1st (or will we? April Fools!) for a resolution. Obviously things are going to get pretty messy as Mindy will now likely be deciding between Danny and Cliff, who at the episode’s end decides he wants Mindy back. The show will also presumably have to plan for a satisfying series finale, as a third season has yet to be announced, and seems unlikely. We will miss you Mindy, see you in a few months.

Who Won Fox’s Tuesday Night Comedy Block?

Fox’s Tuesday Night comedy block is 75% awesome. We will rank each show accordingly week by week.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Bet

The opening scene for Brooklyn Nine-Nine was perhaps the best part of this episode. I love the idea of a horse named Sergeant Peanut Butter outshining (and outranking!) Boyle. The later references made me chuckle, and I’m hoping like Lil’ Sebastian before him, Sgt. Peanut Butter can become a recurring in-joke/ reference on the show.

Unfortunately, the rest of the show was not clicking tonight, which is a shame considering it just WON TWO GOLDEN GLOBES (What?) The bet that was set up in the Series Premiere comes to an end, and Jake wins with a last minute prostitution sting bust. If he lost, he would need to give Detective Santiago his car, but since he won, he gets to spend $1400 on taking her on an embarrassing date? Although he has just won possibly the most uneven bet in the world, he can’t help but celebrate.

It was a shame that the episode pairing Jake and Santiago was right on the heels of a great episode featuring him and Rosa working together. The chemistry between Jake and Rosa was so much stronger. I don’t think I can get behind this new ship.

The rest of the episode was full of comedy cliches, whether it was Captain Holt making things worse for  Sgt. Terry while trying to make things better, or the plot device of a character who for some reason can only tell the truth (Boyle.) I know plenty of people who have taken pain meds, and this is NOT a side effect.

C’mon Golden Globe winner Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You can do better.

2. New Girl – Basketball

Another week, another perfectly good but unexceptional episode of New Girl. Jess really wants to be friends with Coach, and all he wants to do is watch Detroit Pistons games. So she decides she will pretend to be a Pistons fan and bond with him through sports.

Butt Bump!

In reality Coach would have realized Jess knows nothing about basketball within the first 30 minutes of watching a game with her, but comedies don’t need to be realistic, and I liked the further development of their relationship. There were some genuinely funny moments between Nick and Jess when they were withholding sex from each other as well. Nick’s seduction techniques were on point, and I love how weird these two can be together.

The storyline revolving around Schmidt and Winston had some good comedy as well. I’m not really buying CeCe suddenly just being the bartender, and is Winston really going to just up and become a cop? Or is the joke going to be that he will have a different job every week? C’mon New Girl writers, Winston deserves better. The rivalry between Schmidt and Ed worked well, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Ed come back as a nemesis for Schmidt in later episodes.

Solid work New Girl.

1. The Mindy Project – L.A

It’s always funny when a show that is filmed in Los Angeles but set elsewhere (usually New York) has their characters go to L.A. for some reason. It’s like for the first time the director can shoot outdoor scenes and you just know they will try to take full advantage of it.

So the team will travel to LA for the Southland Injectable Conference. I’m not sure what OBGYN’s are doing injecting Botox into women (vaginal facelifts perhaps?) or why anybody from Mindy needs to get certified. Are gynecologists doing plastic surgery on the side now? I honestly don’t know. Seriously, somebody tell me. As someone who watched all eight seasons of Entourage with growing frustration, I did appreciate the references throughout. Although it is a shame there was no cameo from Jerry Ferrara. Instead, we got Kevin Smith, playing a bitter fat-shaming version of himself. Oh well.

The return of Anders Holm’s Casey to the show may be the real reason why Mindy won the week. His character always made me laugh, and I love his transformation from Pastor to a much more recognizable Ders from Workaholics. I respect that while this show is functioning as a comedy, it also has a forward moving plot. Whereas New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine seemed to tread water this week, on The Mindy Project we saw Mindy and Cliff break up, and Danny reach out to his father. The jokes are often hit or miss, but this week there was more hit than miss and the emotions felt earned. Way to go Mindy, keep up the good work.

Who Won Fox’s Tuesday Night Comedy Block?

Fox’s Tuesday Night comedy block is 75% awesome. We will rank each show accordingly week by week.

3. The Mindy Project  – Danny Castellano is My Personal Trainer

The 2nd season of The Mindy Project has been, much like the first season, wildly inconsistent. Even with these rockier episodes, there are some funny moments. Regrettably, the show opens with a joke thats seems a little insensitive towards mental health issues. Mindy mistakenly thinks Cliff’s Prilosec is Prozac and screams at him, “I knew you were crazy!” You would think that a doctor would not have this response to medication needed for a legitimate health problem, and this joke seems especially out of taste with all the recent attention paid to mental health disorders.

Anyways, Mindy will need to get in shape to be able to wear a bikini in January. Then there are some non-funny Tinder jokes shoehorned in because The Mindy Project has a weird paid advertising campaign on Tinder. (How would they all be looking at Mindy’s profile instantly? That’s not how Tinder works!)

Danny suggests that Mindy could just wear a skirt over her bikini, “like the moms do” leading to this:

The rest of the episode is a little ridiculous, with Danny becoming Mindy’s trainer. I was surprised to learn that Mindy Lahiri is a Republican -“Chis Christie, our next President”

There is an ok training montage, two ridiculous scenes with a naked Mindy, once in a steam room, and even more ridiculously, once in her office? Danny think Mindy looks good, but should grow out her bush. Weird.

2. New Girl – Clavado En Un Bar

The pre-credits scene teaches us that Jess has a full-time job opportunity at a Children’s Museum and she has 21 minutes to make the decision. Interesting because typical running time for a half hour show (minus commercials) is 22 minutes. REAL TIME EPISODE ALERT. The episode sets up as flashbacks conveying how all of the main characters made major life changing decisions in their past.

The perpetually uninteresting Winston kicks it off by explaining how he was the 9th guy off the bench for the 8th best basketball team in Latvia. Hr was told he would never play again, and realizes he may have never made a decision in his life. Poor Winston, his character seems even more unnecessary now that Damon Wayans Jr. is back.
Fat Schmidt used to be altruistic, and even volunteered at a hospital where he had a crush on a nurse. He realizes he needs a real job, so he sells christmas trees where he realizes one fundamental truth.

The other fundamental truth he comes to realize is that life is all about making money, thus giving us the Schmidt we know and love today.

Coach is the only one NAMED after his career. and that’s all we need to know about him. Nick, studied during his third year of law school in the very bar he works in today.

After the disheartening news that Jess’s first student is now wanted by the FBI, Cece informs Jess that she was in fact her first student – Cue a flashback to young Cece and Jess who is ginger for some reason and looks nothing like Zooey Deschanel?

I grow up to be you?! Hell yes.

The end is weird and has a lot of major plot points thrown in in the last minute or so. Jess turns down the job, and decides she wants to become a principal. Nick actually did pass the Bar Exam. Winston quits his job and still can’t make decisions. Cece becomes a bartender, and Schmidt may go back to selling Christmas Trees? It was a lot of crazy things to throw in to what seemed to be a bottle episode but hey, let’s roll with it.

1. Brooklyn Nine-NinePontiac Bandit
Although the first few episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine were pretty shaky, it is quickly becoming my favorite new show from the fall season.

The show sets up the B-story in the pre-credits scene: Boyle is returning from being shot in the butt, and is clearly not ready to be out and about. Everyone feels bad for him, so they oblige his request for Sudanese food (The hoof is the best part!) as well as put up with his general fumbling. In the end, he gets puppies. Yay!

Craig Robinson is introduced as Doug Judy, a conman who Rosa has been chasing for a month and finally caught up with. He is lustily singing through the glass to her, and is set up early on for a great guest appearance.

Judy has information on the Pontiac Bandit, someone Peralta has been chasing for years, so they make a deal with him (which Rosa is hesitant about) to find Bill, the suspect. They go by Judy’s house, meet his mom, and have a grand time quoting from one of the greatest films of all time. Next they set up a meeting with Bill, but Judy decides that Peralta looks too much like a cop. So he wears this, much less suspicious outfit to the meet-up.

In the end, Doug Judy turns out to be the real Pontiac Bandit. He gets away, and Peralta vows that he will catch him. Hopefully for us, this means Craig Robinson will return in a future episode, as he was hilarious in this role. The episode also featured some touching moments between Rosa and Peralta, along with the back story that they were in the Academy together. Brooklyn Nine-Nine looks to be on the same path as another Mike Schur creation: Starting out a little shaky, then becoming roaringly funny, and ultimately sneaking little bits of warmth into our cold hearts. Brooklyn Nine-Nine definitely won this Tuesday night.