Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.21: Unsolvable

“Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist? I was Hula Hooping. Kevin and I attend a class for fitness and for fun. I’ve mastered all the moves: the pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle…”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because no one will ever believe you.” 

That interaction between Jake and Captain Holt might be the best cold open I have seen on TV all year. I certainly cant’t remember laughing through the entire credits of any other shows. Happily the episode maintained a high level of comedy throughout the half hour.

Things seem to have been progressing nicely for Amy and Teddy, as they already have a weekend planned in the Berkshires. Gina happily points out to Santiago that she is supposed to be helping the captain with his presentation that weekend, and suggests she lie about either a dental emergency or the death of a triplet.

Meanwhile Jake, who is clearly hiding his romantic feelings for Santiago, decides to use his weekend off to solve an unsolvable case. Happily for us viewers, he is able to talk Sgt. Terry into joining him, despite his tea party obligations. Who would have guess that Terry was the king of origami napkins? I would have.

Case 52ABX-32QJ was originally worked by Jake and Terry eight years ago. The victim, Nate Dexter, was a small time criminal with a lot of enemies. His body was found burnt to a crisp on a boat with only his finger left behind. A lead at a prison sends Terry and Jake to the wife of Sam Bunson, a man who used to spend a lot of time with Dexter. Unfortunately Ms. Bunson hasn’t seen her husband in eight years, and the case once again goes cold.

While all this is going on, Rosa is being an all-around sweetheart to Boyle, who has been hiding in the storage closet talking to his fiancee Vivian about their relationship issues. Rosa decides to let Boyle know about her and Gina’s secret bathroom, referred to as Babylon. Althoguh Scully and Hitchcock are able to get the secret out of Boyle, Rosa once again comes to his defense, and even Gina gives up her wolf blanket. It’s ok, she’s into Angry Unicorns now.

Gina is into Unicorns Now

It should be noted that while Gina is into Unicorns, Chelsea Peretti is still on wolves.

Santiago’s first ever attempt at being dishonest with the captain does not go well for her. She lies about needing to get her wisdom teeth out, so Holt sets up an appointment for that very night with his brother-in-law, one of the best dental surgeons in the quint-state area (bigger than the tri-state area.) I thought this was going to be a bluff on the Captains part, but it was even funnier knowing that he believed Santiago and went through  the trouble of booking her the appointment and driving her there himself.

Jake Peralta, super-cop is able to solve the unsolvable case. It turns out Nate Dexter was never murdered, he just faked his death by chopping off his finger. The victim was in fact Sam Bunson; Dexter was having an affair with his wife. At the bar Terry can tell that something is still bothering Jake, and Peralta admits that he is harboring some feelings for Amy. They will surely be addressed in next week’s Season One Finale.

Overall this was a pretty hilarious episode. Sadly the parts that dragged the most were the parts involving our lead, Jake Peralta. We have established in the past couple months that he has close, long-lasting, meaningful relationships with Boyle, Gina, Rosa, and now Terry. Plus he has a crush on Amy. We get it. Everyone on the show likes him, and maybe (just maybe!) we will too. But not yet.

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