Braverman Power Rankings: Limbo

It was another slow week on Parenthood, although there were a few redeeming moments. Amber and Drew make the best team, and when all the Bravermans get together around one table there’s bound to be some excitement. You’ll never guess who made their way to the top of the power rankings this week.


1. Amber – She keeps a tub of ice cream, vodka, and a bag of weed in her freezer. Where do you keep yours?

Parenthood NBC

This is really too easy

2. Drew – He tells Berto to lay off his cashew butter and his woman, and comforts Amber. Good guy Drew, at it again.

NBC Parenthood

I’m going to ride Amber’s coattails for as long as possible

3. Zeek – Zeek goes and tells Joel to man up. I wonder if he knows his daughter cheated on Joel?

Craig T. Nelson

Please get back together with my daughter so I don’t have to deal with her drama

4. Crosby – Crosby pulls off the baptism that he never really wanted. Plus he drinks on the porch. Just Crosby being Crosby.


“I thought it’d be classier if I got boozy out on the porch instead of inside”

5. Julia – She tells Joel to fight for her. I guess this is the right thing to do. What’s Joel’s problem anyways?


Be careful Joel – I’m liable to go ‘Swimfan’ on you at any moment

Honorable mentions – Berto the chillest roommate ever, Sarah for being a terrible aunt and mother, Adam for being way too excited to be Godfather, Pastor Jones, Victor for knowing Joel wouldn’t be at the dinner, and Max for not putting up with Aunt Sarah’s BS.

Editors Note: All those related to the Bravermans by marriage, blood, or adoption are eligible whether or not they carry the surname. Sadly this means Hank will not be ranked, which might actually be a good thing since he would be Number 1 every week. 


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