Jake and Charles

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.20: Fancy Brugdom

The Office wasn’t really about selling paper, Parks and Rec is not really about working in the Parks Department (Although Leslie Knope might beg to differ) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has proven that, like it’s Mike Schur predecessors, it is really a show about relationships.The bromance between Jake and Charles tonight was so incredible that these two weaker characters managed to convince me that they might actually be worthy of leading episodes.

Up to this point, Jake Peralta has been kind of a joke. Cocky, immature and unlikable are very difficult qualities for a leading man to have. It seems like the writers are cognizant of this and  have really strived to show a more human side to Jake as the season has progressed. He has displayed budding romantic feelings for Santiago, embraced his long-term friendships with Rosa and Gina, and now he is displaying the deepest of affection for Charles Boyle.

Early in the episode, we learn that Jake and Charles will spend their day off planning Boyle’s wedding. Charles has asked Jake to be his best man, and even provided him with a Fancy Brudgom* Magazine. It means Fancy Groom in Danish. After some bromantic scenes of the two of them taste-testing cake and trying on tuxedos, Boyle reveals to Jake that he is retiring so he can accompany Vivian to Ottowa.

Jake Peralta is cocky, immature and generally unlikable, but tonight, he was a downright amazing friend and best man. He realizes that Boyle does not want to leave his career and friends behind and convinces him to tell his fiancee the truth. Even after Boyle backs out, Jake attempts to broach the subject at an awkward breakfast at Charles’ request. Unsurprisingly, this also backfires. The third time is a charm, and with a little advice from Santiago, a police siren, and a baton, Peralta forces Boyle to reveal his true feelings to his fiancee.

Although the show is named after a police precinct, it is always refreshing to see these cops off-duty. I really enjoyed the birthday party at Captain Holt’s house a few weeks ago, and even Jake and Gina’s apartment hunt was a nice detour.

Back at the precinct, Rosa needs to apologize for an official complaint that has been filed against her. As much as I appreciate the iciness that Stephanie Beatriz brings to this character on a weekly basis, this story line wasn’t doing much for me. The most interesting fact we learned in tonight’s episode was when Rosa apologized for making fun of the officer to her book club. Rosa is in a book club?! NEED. MORE. DETAILS.

mac and cheese, chile, pizza on a bun

It’s mac and cheese, chili, and pizza on a bun

And as great as Terry Crews is, nobody is believing for a second that he would go on an extreme diet. The man is a physical specimen. I did appreciate seeing him lift a car, and a Sloppy Jessica sounds pretty incredible.

This episode was all about Peralta and Boyle though. After Jake finally gets Boyle to be honest with Vivian, he waits outside in his car for five hours. Although this engagement is destined to fail, it won’t be for a lack of effort on Jake’s part. He is a true friend, and as a character he is convincing me that I may need to reconsider his value to the show.

* Wikipedia and my Comcast listed this episode as Fancy Brugdom, although the magazine title and correct translation is Fancy Brudgom.

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