Coach Coach

New Girl 3.19: Fired Up

Linda Cardellini is a great actress and I would love to see more of her on TV (or anywhere.) That being said I think it was strange arc for her to be the main character on a show known for the strength of it’s main characters, and I was very much looking forward to a return to normalcy tonight.The episode sets up the two main plots pre-credits: Schmidt has too much stuff and an empty storefront, and Jess gets Coach a job as a coach (surprise!) at her school.

Coach loves his new job, and uses his motivational skills to encourage Jess to pursue her (new?) dream of becoming a vice principal. She marches right into Principal Foster’s office and lays out her case for the job. Apparently nobody wants to be vice principal, as Booger

Meanwhile Schmidt has moved all of his excess furniture into his rented storefront. When a passerby believes it to be an actual store and injures himself, he threatens to sue. I am still unclear exactly how Mr. Baker injured himself while looking at a lamp. Since Nick has passed the California Bar Exam, he wants to be Schmidt’s lawyer to prove to the other law school kids… something. He does a terrible job when he practices lawyering Winston and is quickly fired.

The other titular firing occurs when Jess finds out that the school is over budget and is forced to fire Coach. They cry over some beers, and Jess realizes that she is not doing what she wanted. After throwing Coach’s beer to the ground, they go interrupt a volleyball game, Coach returns to coaching, and Jess makes it work within the school’s budget. Crisis averted.

Nick and Winston show up at Schmidt’s deposition, and Winston convincingly plays a lawyer while Nick has a much more difficult time. Ultimately he ends up intentionally hurting himself on a chair, and threatens to sue the plaintiff’s lawyers. Although Nick has no real case, it is totally worth it for opposing counsel to pay their plaintiff $20,000 because otherwise they will have to do paperwork. Problem solved.

Also at some point Cece is hit on by a 20-year-old Australian who has just started his own boat-making business. They are really stretching to keep her in the weekly rotation.

All in all this was an OK episode of New Girl. Coach is a great character, but his addition to the cast has cost us quite a bit of time with Schmidt and Nick. As always, I am completely unaware of what is happening with Winston. He is probably still trying to be a cop, though he did make a damn convincing lawyer. This has certainly been the shakiest season yet, and part of me worries if perhaps they paired Jess and Nick up just a little too soon. It will be interesting if they split them up to create controversy, like Ross and Rachel, or try to work around their happy relationship, like Jim and Pam.

Did you know that Ross and Rachel were on a break?

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