Hannibal 2.02: Sakizuki

Tonight was one of the slower episodes of Hannibal action-wise. The most gruesome part was the opening sequence, and the majority of time was spent examining the various relationships between all our main characters. It may be one of the strongest episodes of the season.

After the obligatory “mystery of the week” escape of the latest taxidermied victim of our most recent serial killer, we shift to see Hannibal and Alana Bloom interviewing Will in his cell cage. Will seems somewhat resigned to his fate, and even agrees to let Hannibal help him to understand what happened to him. Just before the credits roll Will gives a face that shows he know more than he is letting on. 

Dr. Du Maurier has come to the decision that she can longer be Hannibal’s psychiatrist because “he is dangerous” which is a little more than an understatement. This scene was so well directed, I was actually on the edge of my seat watching Du Maurier’s feet backpedaling in unison to Lecter menacingly edging closer.

Meanwhile as soon as Beverly gives Will’s theory about how the victims are being chosen, Hannibal and Jack Crawford recognize that she could not have come up with it on her own. How sad is that? “Sorry Beverly, that is a little too intelligent of a theory to have come from you.” Jack acknowledges that Will’s advice is probably in the investigation’s bess interest but also cannot know about it and tells Beverly that the conversation didn’t happen.

Hannibal can smell corn dust on a corpse that has been lacquered before being washed down a river. He then imagines cooking the corpse in said cornfield because he is Hannibal.

I don’t know if there are two characters I enjoy more on their own than Will Graham and Hannibal right now. They are both brilliant psychopaths, and their dialogue is so loaded. I  believe that they know the complete and total truth about the other, but are putting on this show for Dr. Chilton’s benefit. After explaining to Beverly how the victim escaped from the crime scene Will asks her what Hannibal thought about it.  He warns Beverly that what Hannibal says is very different from what he thinks.

Good call Will. Because Hannibal totally goes to the crime scene, kills the serial killer, puts him in the center of the human eye, and then EATS HIS LEG.

When shown the final crime scene, Will does his Will Graham thing and becomes the serial killer, seeing that it was indeed Hannibal who committed this final murder. He is then visited by Kade Prunell, from the Office of the Inspector General. She tells Will that if he doesn’t plead guilty, he will get the death penalty.

Finally, there is a great scene between Will and Dr. Du Maurier where they meet for the first time. Will asks her tongue-in-cheek “You’re Hannibal Lecter’s therapist? What’s that like?” Du Maurier comes close to the bars and whispers (kind of seductively) “I believe you.” And with those three words she has probably sealed her fate, as we see Hannibal creeping around her house at episode’s end.

What did you all think? Have we seen the last of Gillian Jacobs? How much longer until Will is vindicated? Why did Jack and Hannibal assume Beverly was too dumb to come up with the rainbow people theory on her own? And how are Will’s dogs doing?

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