Braverman Power Rankings: The Offer

After a few slow weeks on Parenthood, tonight’s episode ramped up the feels. The tears on screen from Max and Victor were certain to cause tears off screen, and if we could have just swapped out Sarah for Crosby this would have been a near perfect episode.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.21: Unsolvable

“Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist? I was Hula Hooping. Kevin and I attend a class for fitness and for fun. I’ve mastered all the moves: the pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle…” (more…)

Braverman Power Rankings: Limbo

It was another slow week on Parenthood, although there were a few redeeming moments. Amber and Drew make the best team, and when all the Bravermans get together around one table there’s bound to be some excitement. You’ll never guess who made their way to the top of the power rankings this week.
Community Annie and Abed

Community 5.09: VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing

Community thrives on defying sitcom conventions, but tonight’s episode was about as straightforward and sitcom-y as any I can remember. The group is split up pre-credits, as has been the case lately. Jeff, Hickey, and Shirley will clean out an old storage room, and Annie and Abed will have a “double date” night at their apartment with Annie’s awesomely weird brother and Abed’s girlfriend. (more…)

Jake and Charles

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.20: Fancy Brugdom

The Office wasn’t really about selling paper, Parks and Rec is not really about working in the Parks Department (Although Leslie Knope might beg to differ) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine has proven that, like it’s Mike Schur predecessors, it is really a show about relationships. (more…)

Coach Coach

New Girl 3.19: Fired Up

Linda Cardellini is a great actress and I would love to see more of her on TV (or anywhere.) That being said I think it was strange arc for her to be the main character on a show known for the strength of it’s main characters, and I was very much looking forward to a return to normalcy tonight. (more…)

Hannibal 2.02: Sakizuki

Tonight was one of the slower episodes of Hannibal action-wise. The most gruesome part was the opening sequence, and the majority of time was spent examining the various relationships between all our main characters. It may be one of the strongest episodes of the season.